New book “What Did You Think Was Going to Happen?” by Clinton E. Galloway to be released in January 2021, an in-depth account of systemic racism and government corruption in South Central Los Angeles

What Did You Think Was Going To Happen?

The Court Case You Never Heard of, and Why the Ruling Remains Relevant Today

In City of Los Angeles v. Preferred Communications, the US District Court, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the US Supreme Court all agreed that the City had violated the civil rights of half a million people for ten years and had refused to comply with a 9-0 decision by the Supreme Court of the United States.

A dollar. Injustice. Black America. Media. Corruption at the highest levels of government. This is the case you never heard of – until now. What did you think was going to happen?

Author Q&A

This book is a follow-up to my first book “Anatomy of a Hustle-Cable Comes to South Central L.A..  The first book described how the City, with the assistance of major Black politicians, was able to promote systemic racism and prevent technology from being developed in one of the largest Black communities in the United States.  This book describes the effects of that action. It is the obligation of every citizen to bring to light corrupt government behavior, such as that which exists in the City of Los Angeles.
My brother realized in 1979 that cable television would become one of the most important technology changes in the world at the time.  No company wanted to build cable television in Black communities at that time.  We simply wanted to make sure that our community would also benefit from technological changes that were taking place in the world.  We realized early in the process that we were fighting elected officials and being threatened by their corrupt activities.  We determined that we would do whatever was necessary to bring technology and its benefits to the communities which we represented. The battle was expensive and painful.
For a small Black company to have its issues heard before the U.S. Supreme Court is a unique experience.  As we sat before the nine justices of the United States Supreme Court, we were honored and humbled that the highest court in America would take up our dispute with the City of Los Angeles.  We were elated to find out that the most powerful judicial body in the United States had unanimously supported our position that the behavior of the City was violation of the civil rights of more than half a million people, mostly Black Americans. 

This book is targeted to the Black market and to anyone who would like to understand the causes and effects of systemic and institutional racism.  It is also directed to conservative readers who would like a better understanding of the problems in Black America and the relationship of supposed liberal policies to those problems.

It is important for Black America and all of America to understand that there is such a thing as Black-on-Black racism.  It is a form of Black-on-Black crime which is clearly established. It is therefore my obligation to record the events that transpired and were part of the reason for the unavoidable results of where Black America is today.  I want to make sure that all America knows that Black Americans have tried for many decades to improve their lot and to become participants in the free market system of America.  The access has often been denied by the politicians who claim to be representing Black America. 

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“Anatomy of a Hustle” tells the story of Clinton and Carl Galloway as they enter the bidding process to be awarded the Cable TV rights to South Central L.A. Their bid is derailed by the corruption that prevails in the L.A. Mayors office and in the halls of the L.A City Council Chambers. Of all the bidding groups only the Galloway group has the financing to build the system but they are not members of the “Good Old Boy” network that pump money into the campaign coffers of those who will decide the franchise winners.

Anatomy of a Hustle
Cable Comes to
South Central L.A.

In the early days of cable television, two brothers set out to better the predominately black community of South Central Los Angeles by establishing the first black-owned cable franchise in the country. Along the way, they are thwarted by the most famous black American politician and the corrupt city council over which he presides. The players in this true story include people as disparate as the world’s richest man and our nation’s first black Supreme Court Justice. In 2012, in our media-as-king land, this story illustrates the corruption of government and how our poorest citizens bear the brunt of that horrible burden.
What an amazing recount of the journey the Galloways endured in the midst of such deceit and blatant lies within the Los Angeles political infrastructure!

This brings to life their quest for righteousness; fairness and their constant struggle for those in power to just “do the right thing”.

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