“Anatomy of a Hustle” tells the story of Clinton and Carl Galloway as they enter the bidding process to be awarded the Cable TV rights to South Central L.A. Their bid is derailed by the corruption that prevails in the L.A. Mayors office and in the halls of the L.A City Council Chambers. Of all the bidding groups only the Galloway group has the financing to build the system but they are not members of the “Good Old Boy” network that pump money into the campaign coffers of those who will decide the franchise winners.

Anatomy of a Hustle
Cable Comes to
South Central L.A.

In the early days of cable television, two brothers set out to better the predominately black community of South Central Los Angeles by establishing the first black-owned cable franchise in the country. Along the way, they are thwarted by the most famous black American politician and the corrupt city council over which he presides. The players in this true story include people as disparate as the world’s richest man and our nation’s first black Supreme Court Justice. In 2012, in our media-as-king land, this story illustrates the corruption of government and how our poorest citizens bear the brunt of that horrible burden.
Anatomy of a Hustle by Clinton E. Galloway - Cable Comes to South Central L.A.
What an amazing recount of the journey the Galloways endured in the midst of such deceit and blatant lies within the Los Angeles political infrastructure!

This brings to life their quest for righteousness; fairness and their constant struggle for those in power to just “do the right thing”.
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