Black on Black Racism

As a Black man, I can truly say that no racism has damaged me more, in my pursuits, than the racism perpetrated by Black politicians. This is a story of how Black on Black racism works in America today. It is my obligation to tell this well documented story because I lived it.

In 1986 United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Los Angeles-based minority owned cable-television company.  The ruling said that the city had been violating the rights by limiting entrance into multi-billion-dollar cable television industry. The case of the City of Los Angeles vs Preferred Commutations was supposed to provide the legal basis for minorities to enter the newest technology that was available in the United States.

In 1983 Preferred Communications had filed a lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles for violation of its constitutional rights to exercise its First Amendment rights. By 1983 the company had spent more than 3 years and several million dollars applying for licenses to provide cable television service in Los Angeles. There was no cable television service in South Central L.A.

The case was being heard before U.S. District Court Judge Consuelo Marshall, a Black female. Judge Marshall decided that she would not allow us to sue the city and dismissed the case without any hearings.

From 1984 to 1986 the case was appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. All appellate courts ruled unanimously in favor of the minority company against the City of Los Angeles. The extensive cost of appeal was meant to dissuade Black competitors.

The mayor of the City of Los Angeles was Tom Bradley. The Black mayor was joined by 3 Black City Councilman who opposed compliance with the U.S. Supreme Court decision. The City of Los Angeles continued to violate the rights of minority citizens for another 6 years without any court intervention.  In a meeting in the office of the Mayor we were called “niggers” by the Mayor’s deputy. What could be a clearer demonstration than the use of the “N” word while your constitutional rights are being knowingly violated? It could not be clearer even if they wore hoods.

After 10 years in federal courts, in 1992, Marshall ruled that the city had been violating the constitutional rights of the minority citizens since 1983.  All rulings were the judgement of Judge Marshall because she denied our case a jury trial as guaranteed by the 7th Amendment.  We had concerns about her judgement since she had been unanimously overruled by the Supreme Court.

During this time the rights of Black America were being violated and such violation be protected by this Black federal judge.  The value for the loss of those rights was set at $1 by her honor.  A Black federal judge telling you that your rights are worthless clearly demonstrates the racism.  

Delay of providing technology in the era of new technology for the segregated citizens of the city was perpetrated by a Black mayor, Black councilman and a Black federal judge. Judge Marshall was a close friend of Mayor Bradley.

The reason that this racism is allowed to exist against Black America is because the rest of America will not say anything about it. Black America has little control over the media it consumes.  But, if a white person complains about the Black on Black racism they risk being labeled racist for their actions.  

The Congressional Black Caucus, which was supposed to be representing Black America, also ignored the case. The results of such deprivation were that in a technological era, technology was denied to 95% of the Black citizens of Los Angeles, that had been segregated, which would forever limit their ability to get a decent education and compete in the economy. 

The denial of ownership of media would also prevent the development of programming directed to Black Americans. The Black community could not develop such programming because they did not have an outlet that would provide access to the consumers, Black Americans. The denial in the content creation capital was a crushing blow that time could never erase.

This was the original digital divide.  It started before the Internet existed. The negative effects of the digital divide can be found in numerous government and private studies.  The are no positive effects.  Reduced educational, financial and media access / content opportunities are just a few.

It does not matter that numerous Black people had substantial control over the operations of the City of Los Angeles at this time. The fact that government officials are Black does not limit the effects of their racism. That is what is called Black on Black racism and it runs rampant in the City Los Angeles.

The Tyranny Surprise?

Tyranny is not a recent event in America.  Tyranny is not something that was developed during the pandemic. I have lived for 40 years under the tyrannical government of the City of Los Angeles. No, I did not accept such tyranny quietly.  I have fought tyranny with more than 12 years of my life and millions of dollars in legal fees.  The minority citizens of Los Angeles were the ones who are most affected by such tyranny. The tyranny by the City of Los Angeles is clearly documented in its refusal to obey the United States Supreme Court rulings that were issued against it. Tyranny cannot only exist with politicians but must have the complicity of judges and voting citizens.

I have seen the results of this tyranny on minority communities. Now the rest of America is experiencing the tyranny that has been perpetrated against minorities but now applies to them. Now everyone seems to be concerned. There must be freedom for all or there is freedom for none and since freedom is dead in minority communities can the rest of America be far behind. Loss of my civil rights which I’ve documented in several books over the last 10 years cannot be denied. The willingness of civil rights organizations to completely ignore the deprivation of rights for minorities is an example of how tyranny grows and exists.

Tyranny and corruption go hand in hand. Once again, the City of Los Angeles is a classic example of the situation. When government officials believe that the law does not apply to them, the definition of tyranny, then they also don’t obey the law when it comes to their actions. The City of Los Angeles in the last 18 months has had 3 of the 15 city councilpersons indicted or convicted of federal corruption charges. It is quite clear that if 3 are convicted and indicted then there are many more on the City Council who were involved in such behavior. We do not believe that all the bank robbers are caught when we take one bank robber to jail. Public officials believe that the law does not apply to them.

The results of tyranny can be clearly seen in minority communities throughout the United States. The high level of violence and the high level of unemployment and poverty go hand in hand. This is not limited  only to the City of Los Angeles but is also applicable to New York, Chicago and many other the cities.

Selling out Black America

The concept of selling out the Black race in America can only be accomplished by someone who is supposed to have an allegiance to the race. The allegiance usually comes in the form of political figures that claim to be representing Black people at some governmental level. The civil rights organizations are also complicit for their disregard of Black rights. 

The sellout comes as someone knowingly commits an act to betray the community or sells out the interests of the community as a whole. This is the state of Black politics in America today.  Corrupt politicians have shown a total disregard for the constitutional rights of Black America for the last 40 years. I only speak of the 40 years because I have lived the behavior of Black politicians during this time and it has been atrocious.

The concept is really very simple.  Only someone you have placed your trust in can sell you out.  Black America has had great trust and dependence upon Black politicians especially in the Democratic Party. The sellout has been accomplished by those who claim to be representing Black America as political representatives.

The sellout is accomplished by making sure the Black America cannot participate in the free market system that is the basis of America. The 1980’s and the 1990’s saw Black America denied access to technology that could have substantially improved their educational and economic conditions.

Where were the civil rights organizations to speak up for those who civil rights were being violated on a continual basis. They are the other part of the sellout.   This violation was confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court but was ignored by civil rights organizations such as the NAACP, the Urban League and the ACLU. Those who fail to acknowledge the constitutional rights that were being violated were those who are selling out Black America. It is not just one person but entire organizations and groups that sell you out. Remember you can only be sold out by those who you trust.

I can speak of the cable television industry, because of my direct involvement, that during the 1980s and 1990s was both a major media power source and a major financial and capital investment. By locking Black America out of this multibillion dollar investment Black politicians were able to give entrance into this lucrative field to their friends and benefactors who were rarely Black.

In Los Angeles the cable television license that served the Black community was given to Eli Broad, a billionaire contributor of Mayor Tom Bradley. This rich contributor thereby controlled all the rights to free speech and press that existed within the Black community of Los Angeles. The ability to educate ourselves was denied. How has that worked out?

One of the key leaders of the sellout, in Los Angeles, was Mayor Tom Bradley. Tom Bradley was mayor of the City of Los Angeles from 1973 to 1993. During those 20 years Mayor Bradley did absolutely nothing to benefit the Black community and did everything in his power to limit the access by the Black community to civil and constitutional rights that were guaranteed to them by the Constitution. He had major public structures named after him and is often revered by the media as a leader of the Black community and of the Black political growth over the last 40 years.  That is what happens when you do not control the media you must consume.

Tom Bradley has been held up to the public as a trusted and supportive character. This is both a lie and a perversion of the behavior of Tom Bradley during his tenure as mayor of the City Los Angeles. The only identifiable thing that you can find involving Tom Bradley and the Black community were the riots of 1992 over police brutality. 

No people can truly be free if they do not have the power to use the First Amendment to speak freely. There is a reason why it is the First Amendment.  Tom Bradley was the essential element on behalf of the City of Los Angeles for limiting the rights of Black Americans in South-Central Los Angeles to access cable television as being the modern technology that existed in the 1980s and 1990s. The violation of Supreme Court rulings and the continued violation clearly shows that the Black leaders that existed within the city Los Angeles were working the sellout. They did not care at all that Black America was losing their First Amendment rights and its right to a free press to address the issues that were necessary within its own community. 

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