Today’s episode is called “LA City Hall Racism Fiasco”.

The people of Los Angeles define this city as a place where bold dreams, creative expression, and limitless possibilities abound. 

One of the most culturally diverse destinations in the world. You’ll be inspired by its unique perspectives, unexpected moments, and open-hearted community. 

The City of Angels has an abundance of multi-faceted neighborhoods and hidden gems to explore.

If you’ve been following me you already know that I am living in Los Angeles City, to be exact in South Central L.A. That is why also you notice in my books that Los Angeles City is mentioned.

We always talk about racism and social justice issues happening in cities and states around the US. But for today’s topic, we will be focusing on Los Angeles City. 

The story today is about the resignation of the president of the Los Angeles City Council Nury Martinez.  This is for comments she made last year, and it was secretly recorded, but published in the last few weeks. These comments dealt with negative comments about black people, and indigenous people living in Los Angeles. More of this story is inside our podcast.

We will discuss how our political systems really work and you’ll be surprised to know that Los Angeles Times rarely covers anything racist behind the behavior at the Los Angeles City Council while turning a blind eye to the problems that affect black people. Additionally, they ignore the negative comments made about the behavior and lives of black citizens in Los Angeles. Again another issue that the media hides from you. 

And that’s where we’re sitting in Los Angeles it’s racist, corrupt, and getting away with it. 

Open your mind to what is really happening around us. Keep up with the Ooooh I’m Tellin’ Podcast for more true and relevant racism and social justice issues that the media is keeping from you. 

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