Where is the Outrage?

How do you feel when someone you know or your pet gets to experience violence? 

Outrageous right? We feel like we want to get back to those who did this to them.

Violence is occurring in our community, especially in minority communities, so where is the outrage?

I am not referring to domestic violence it could be another topic, but I am referring to violence where youth and children are the victims of killing.

In today’s episode, we will discuss the violence that is happening in our society but no one seems to care because I cannot see outrageous citizens. 

 Dogs are man’s best friends, so it makes us feel outrageous when someone hits or smashes them. The media will find a way to locate the perpetrator, and police will conduct a thorough investigation. Humans who are victims of violence should receive the same sympathy and attention too. 

Please listen until the end for you to get the whole picture of the issue we are discussing for today’s episode. 

Share with me your comments and key takeaways from today’s topic. I am interested to know about your thoughts.

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